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Established in March, 2003 Door Supply of NJ is a small business in the Windsor, New Jersey area which distributes commercial metal frames and doors, wood doors and builder’s hardware.  


The partners of Door Supply of NJ have 25 years of extensive experience in the commercial door and hardware business. They started out as warehouse employees which gave them the insight and knowledge on how the business operates. Along with this knowledge they advanced to management positions which gave them the additional experience on running a business. 


The partners observed an opportunity in 2003 to start a company that would provide quality customer service and expertise in expediting materials quickly to a job site.  Their co-workers at their previous employment must have seen the same opportunity because 90% of the department left their positions to join Door Supply of NJ. 


Our company goal is to provide our customers with the materials needed for their job in a timely fashion without compromising quality or customer service. So when you need a product that is just right for the job, we are the supplier for you!

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